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A malty, slightly fruity ale with a German and New Zealand hop kick. A great all rounder that combines well with main dishes and desserts.



8 Degrees Full Irish

Colour/appearance: pours a pale gold colour, with lovely white head. Medium carbonation.
Aroma: lots of hops! It’s a hop bomb with citrus and floral characters, particularly grapefruit at the fore, with hints of lime, melon and lychees.


Porterhouse Red

Ruby red in colour, smooth red ale







                                           Five Lamps

Dublin Lager

5 lamps Dublin lager is a traditional Czech style pilsner.



Scraggy Bay

India Pale Ale Fondly known as “Yellowcap”, Scraggy Bay is a balanced golden ale with a snappy little bite of hops.
Alc. 5.3% vol.




Little Fawn Session IPA

White Hag IBC featuring fruity hop flavours balanced with lush Irish malt to create a complex, sessionable IPA


O Haras Pale Ale

A favourite here in Harrys froom  the Carlow brewing company